Case Study 3

Project Management

PROBLEM: I have to manage a multi-cultural project remotely, how do I do it?

We were requested to overhaul the processes and procedures for an international logistics company, part of which was the integration of a digital operations system that automated many of the functions that were historically conducted manually. 

The project was complicated because much of the standard project management initiation and concept work had already been done.  Similarly, much of the stakeholder engagement and risk management had also been completed and the primary software developer selected.  To complicate matters further, the developers were in a separate country meaning that all the management was done remotely.  The challenge was to get the project back in line with PM methodology so that it could be accurately tracked and the quality managed.  We managed to obtain a detailed breakdown of their scale of work from developer, which enabled us to develop an appropriate chart from which we could manage the project.

Additionally, the developers, PM team and workers all came from different cultural backgrounds. This called upon all the IDA culture management experience to ensure the project was delivered in a culturally sensitive yet effective way.  The blend of experience and academic knowledge ensured that Identify Action was able to manage the project effectively while maintaining harmony between the client and developer.  Consequently, the project was completed on time and withing budget.