Case Study 2


PROBLEM: I have to draft job descriptions but how can I find out what workers actually do?

Process mapping is often thought of in relation to IT, but this is not the case!  For our recent F&B client, IDA were asked to assist with job descriptions for a local restaurant chain.  However, before writing an accurate job description, you must understand the exact job.  This is just one of the reasons process mapping is so important. 

Understanding what people are actually doing today can be a challenge. Often, we write job descriptions as to what we want people to do and not what they are doing or what they are able to do and measure them unfairly. 

Firstly, to understand what the team are actually doing today, we identified the individual tasks of the department. We worked with the teams on the ground, and we documented exactly what they are doing every day in simple to read flow charts. We interacted with the people that actually do the job to ensure the information is as it is today. Once the processes were mapped, we then prepared the job descriptions based on the activities within the individual swim lanes. 

The swim lanes helped us to clearly identify the tasks of an individual role as well as how people within the organisation interact with each other. From the processes we also identified KPIs, enabling the organisation to measure the performance of the department and also each individual.