Case Study 1

Writing SOP’s, Operations Manual, Training Manuals, Checklists, and Procedure Guides.

PROBLEM: I have to write new procedures, but I have no idea where to start!

There is no doubt that writing an operations manual or SOP can be a daunting task.  Where do you start? What do you include? What happens when more than one process or procedure rely on each other? How do you build in measures to assure quality?

 All these questions and more arise every time we start to work with a client and help them build their manuals.  Ther’s no need to be afraid of the process!  By mapping out all the processes involved beforehand, it is very straightforward to start writing because there is a far greater understanding of what is involved in the process.  

Operations Manuals don’t have the best reputation! If anything, we often see them used as door stops or paper weights rather than useful tools for your business. Beyond just helping with audits, an operations manual is actually really helpful when properly executed. Why? It helps ensure that anyone can understand the steps to perform processes and can cut down on the overwhelming amount of information documents by turning pages and pages of notes into easy-to-use checklists, forms, and simple guidelines. Operations Manuals capture the tacit knowledge which organisations take for granted- for example, if someone has found easy fixes or solutions to problems they encounter on the job, how would a new hire be made aware of these best practices? Captured tacit knowledge! 

Using your agreed processes, we go through your process flows with key team members and understand what detail is needed. Can it be captured in a straightforward checklist rather than 6 pages of instruction? You’ll often be surprised by how much you can cut back! 

We create an operations manual people can ACTUALLY refer to and interact with while working their jobs. Plus, it’s coming straight from your teams, which means they have an additional sense of ownership and engagement with their work! Operations manuals can be a win-win process of documentation and engagement to structure your business clearly and transparently.