Am I a Failed Leader?

How asking for help enables the best leaders to succeed For some, admitting that they need help is a sign of failure, a weakness that executives shouldn’t demonstrate because it undermines their credibility and their ability.  In which case, asking an external...

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How to Capture Unspoken Knowledge

Lessons Learned Should be Universal On average, scientists have suggested we make 35,000 decisions a day. How many of your decisions are you aware of making? In an organisation, much of the most valuable knowledge is tacit or implicit. This means that it isn’t...

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Leading in a Crisis

Military Lessons and the Battle Ready Leader Dr. David Finnigan, DBA MBA MBE With over thirty years military experience, I have faced crisis situations many times including national emergencies in countries such as Sierra Leone, catastrophe's as a result of conflict...

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35 Questions on Strategy, answered

We've taken the time to quick-fire answer all the basic questions you could have about business strategy. What is business strategy? What does strategy mean? What is strategy? Strategy is your roadmap to achieving the business goals and vision. It includes a clear...

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Management Consultancy

From tender to terminal IDA management consultancy services offer guidance and long-term scalable solutions to companies from the initial tender documents to continued monitoring and improving of efficient operations, as they did for international logistics giant GAC...

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